[100% Working] How to Permanently Disable Windows Defender?

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Microsoft defender is the built-in antivirus in all versions of the Windows 10 operating system. It protects your system against viruses, hackers, spammers, spam ware, etc.

Windows Defender provides you a real-time, account, device security, firewall, network protection, and much more features free of charge. If you dislike their service, I will show you how to disable windows defender.

how to permanently disable windows defender

This antivirus, provided by Microsoft, is free but many users don’t like this and want to completely remove it from windows 10. In this guide, I will teach you how to permanently disable windows defender.

Warning! Don’t leave your computer without any protection. Hackers, viruses, malware, etc. can easily damage your PC if you haven’t installed any antivirus.

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Why Turn Off Windows Defender?

It’s like a strange question. The antivirus which is providing you protection against hackers, malware, spam ware, virus, etc. for free then, why turn it permanently off.

There may be many reasons behind this question. Some reasons are explained below in detail.

1) Installing a Software

This is one of the main reasons why to permanently disable windows defender. I personally face this issue many times whenever I want to install a program but windows defender stops it.

Windows Defender automatically deletes files that contain any kind of malware and can harm your computer. That’s good but it stops legitimate files as well sometimes.

So, this is one main reason for uninstalling Microsoft Defender from Windows 10.

2) Utilization of Resources

If you have a low-end PC then, you may face different memory usage problems. Windows Defender runs in the background and uses RAM that may slow down your system performance.

That’s why you want to remove it. It’s a good reason and here I will step-by-step guide you on how to disable windows defender.

3) Lack of Security Features

You might observe fewer features or control over your system security and want to install the third-party antivirus which is more efficient and has more security controls.

There are many good antiviruses in the market that can replace Windows Defender.

4) Privacy Issues

The privacy of the user is very important. Although antivirus companies ensure full security they may not put much attention to private files. You are giving them access to all of your data.

It may be the reason you are uninstalling the windows defender. There are many windows 10 privacy settings to turn off to ensure the security of your data.

5) Keeps Interruption

Microsoft defender automatically detects and deletes the malware. It sometimes puts our important authentic program or file to trash which is very irritating.

You may want to disable windows defender permanently for this reason. Read this post till the end and you will be able to permanently disable windows defender windows 10.

Method to Temporarily Disable Defender

If you want to install a particular software and Microsoft defender is causing the issue then, you should temporarily disable it instead of permanently removing it.

Microsoft defender is the best and free antivirus for windows 10 that protects you from any kind of malware.

You can easily download windows 10 ISO image legally from Microsoft website if you don’t have already.

Follow the given steps to disable windows defender temporarily:

  1. Search Virus & Threat Protection in windows search, and open it:
how to permanently disable windows defender
  1. Click on Manage Settings under Virus & Threat Protection settings:
how to permanently disable windows defender
  1. Finally, Disable Real-Time Protection.
how to permanently disable windows defender

You have temporarily disabled windows defender. It will automatically enable once you restart the computer. You can manually enable it as well.

This method is temporary, if want to permanently disable windows defender windows 10 jump to the next section.

How to Permanently Disable Windows Defender?

There is no option to uninstall Microsoft defender from windows 10 but there are many tactics and ways to permanently remove it from the system.

We can edit the Windows registry and group policy to permanently disable it. But changing these settings is risky and may corrupt your windows.

However, you can still disable it permanently. I will show you safe and easy methods so that you don’t need to edit windows important files.

Permanently Disable Windows Defender : Use Defender Control

Don’t know about defender control? It’s a free and small program that will completely disable Microsoft defender from windows 10 within a single click. Wow! Amazing.

Yes, you heard right. Turning off Windows defender is just a single click away. There are many other programs as well that disable Windows Defender but I like this software.

Download and Install This Tool:

The procedure to download this small tool is given below:

  1. Visit sordum site to download it. Click here to directly access.
  2. Scroll down and click on the Download button.
how to permanently disable windows defender
  1. Your downloading will begin in some seconds.

Disable Microsoft Defender

Disable the Windows Defender temporarily before extracting and opening this tool otherwise, Microsoft Defender will automatically remove it.

Open file explorer and navigate to the downloaded file. Enabling file explorer tabs in windows 10 makes it easy to navigate the files.

This file is password protected so, copy the password from the downloading page.

Follow the given steps to disable the defender:

  1. Open extracted folder, click on the dControl.exe file. Make sure, Defender must be turned off.
how to permanently disable windows defender
  1. After opening the tool, you will see an interface like this:
how to permanently turn off windows defender
  1. Click on Disable Windows Defender.
  2. Congrats! you have permanently disabled Microsoft Defender.

Verify by going to virus & threat protection in settings. You will see the message like below:

how to permanently turn off windows defender

Now, have disabled Windows defender permanently from windows 10. It will re-enable again automatically. As I said earlier, leaving your PC without antivirus is very risky.

You can re-enable it anytime with this tool as well.

Permanently Disable Windows Defender : Use Another Antivirus

We can perform this task through third-party antivirus as well. Windows 10 automatically disables Microsoft defender when we install any other antivirus.

Choosing the right as well as free antivirus is difficult but I have compiled a list of 5 free antivirus software for windows. You can install any of them and Windows 10 will disable defender by doing nothing.

This is the easiest way to permanently disable it. Moreover, you will be safe from malware, and all kinds of hacks by installing another antivirus.

All methods can fail to remove Windows defender but this method can never since Windows OS is serious to your security. Windows 10 only needs any kind of antivirus whether it is in the form of Microsoft Defender or any other antivirus.

Does Modifying Registry, and Local Group Policy Editor Works?

Microsoft is enhancing windows 10 security day by day. These methods used to work earlier but now, they don’t work now. You can’t permanently disable Windows Defender using registry, and Local Group Policy Editor.

I hope you have understood how to disable windows defender permanently. You can choose any of the above methods.

Wrapping Up

Antiviruses are made for your security and removing them means you are giving access to hackers, spammers, viruses, malware, internet frauds, etc.

Microsoft made this antivirus by keeping in mind every aspect of user security. According to my opinion, Windows Defender is the best antivirus for windows 10.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Windows Defender Does?

It detects a harmful file or program and deletes it before it can harm to the computer. It provides real-time protection to user.Q2. Is Windows Defender enough?

If you have sensitive data then, not enough. If you are normal user then, it’s a good free anti malware.Q3. Is Windows Defender Free?

It comes as a free built-in antivirus for Windows users. We can use it free of cost.Q4. Can Windows Defender Detect Malware?

Yes, if it finds any malicious file that can harm it will quickly remove. But it may not find all kinds of malwares.Q5. Can Windows Defender and Bitdefender Run Together?

No. Windows real-time protection automatically turns off when any third-party antivirus takes control of the security.

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